About Adams Southeastern Construction
We have a well defined focus at Adams Southeastern Construction.  Our focus is YOU, our CLIENT!Our mission is to build a relationship with our clients in order to deliver the highest quality construction possible.

A client of Adams Southeastern Construction will KNOW:

■  we care about your specific business:  your company mission, your style of
    management, your clients, your needs.

your budget is based on your unique desires and constraints.
your financial commitment at the project onset.
you have a design that addresses both your future desires and your budget.  
your project will be completed in a timely manner as proposed.
you can trust the team of professionals hand selected for your specific project.
you will receive dedicated design assistance during the selection of all interior and
   exterior materials.

you can trust Adams Southeastern Construction to continue to reinforce the
   relationship with you by caring about your business for years following construction.


The author of this quote may surprise you, but it speaks volumes to me...

"I think excellence is being able to perform over and over again.  You can hit a half court shot once; that's the luck of the draw.  If you consistently do it through [winning] 11 championships like Bill Russell, then that's excellence.  Having success for a year or two, that's being hot... that's being in demand for a short span of time.  Excellence is being able to perform at a high level for a long period of time." 

Jay Z

of the Cape Fear
Green Building Alliance

Trace Adams

I was born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi.  I supported myself during my education at Mississippi State University and Belhaven College by working at a loan servicing company.  I then moved to Nashville, Tennessee to work in the music industry as a Director of Operations and a Tour Manager for a variety of music groups.  I relocated to Wilmington, North Carolina to be the General Manager of a company that supplied electrical power and climate services for the entertainment and tour industry. 

I then had the opportunity to transition into commercial construction.  A successful general contractor based out of Cary, North Carolina gave me the responsibility of initiating a new branch office in Wilmington.  I directed this branch of operations here and in the surrounding region for almost ten years.  This was an invaluable experience as I formed my personal opinion on the various business models for general contracting and grew roots and relationships throughout the community. 

With the down-turned economy and the challenges attacking the business, I felt led by faith to step out and begin a consulting business.  Shortly thereafter, I decided to take the NC General Contractors License exam for commercial construction.  At Adams Southeastern Construction, we have formed a team who I highly respect and trust... both for their level of proficiency and their character of heart.  I am fully committed to our mission to build a relationship with you, our client, in order to deliver the highest quality construction possible.

                                                         Trace Adams